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                • What are the advantages of eating silicone?

                  The silica gel for food is an inorganic polymer colloid obtained by polycondensation of silicic acid. The main component is SiO2·nH2O. Its content is above 98%, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and its


                • Operating conditions for injection molding of rubber and plastic molds

                  1. Off mold pressure: In principle, it should be greater than the total pressure of the plastic injection mold, based on no flash.2. Pressure and speed have some of the same contact effects in the mol


                • What are the types of cookware accessories?

                   The first category is storage utensils, which are divided into two parts: food storage and storage of utensils. Food storage is divided into refrigerated and non-cold storage, which is completed by r


                • How to buy cookware accessories

                    First, the guidelines for hygiene: when selecting the accessories for the purchase of kitchen utensils, it is necessary to select the kitchen utensils that can be cleaned and sanitized. It must be e


                • Important performance of silicone accessories

                  ????????Silicone accessories, in some years, due to environmental protection and other needs to slowly replace some of the silica gel raw materials, sometimes a


                • What factors restrict the development of the hardware industry

                   1, preemptive effectIn a specific environment, because a particular skill or brand preempts other companies in the same profession, it will certainly drive the entire enterprise. For example, hardwar


                • Stainless steel kitchen utensils will not rust

                  Stainless steel is a steel that is not easy to rust. It is made of iron-chromium alloy and other trace elements. Because of its excellent metal function and corrosion resistance compared to other meta


                • Performance characteristics of plastic products

                  Plastic products are widely used, and huge downstream occupations provide strong support for the development of plastic products in China. Following the promulgation of the “Revitalization of Petroche


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